Government have issued a statement where it notes the incidence of noise disruption at Bayside School on Monday afternoon due to ongoing works at the nearby World Trade Centre construction site.

The Government has an existing agreement with the contractors of World Trade Centre that noisy works should only be undertaken after 3:30pm. On Monday afternoon noisy works were mistakenly begun at 3:00pm and regrettably, lessons were temporarily disrupted. The Head Teacher was alerted and promptly contacted the contractors to remind them of the existing agreement whilst students waited with their teachers in a school patio.

Government says it regrets any unnecessary disruption to the school day and understands that Monday’s noise was a one-off mistake. The matter has been pursued further with the contractor to avoid a repetition.

Government further explains it understands that the works at the World Trade Centre are nearing an end. The Department of Education continues to monitor the situation and welcomes the agreement of the World Trade Centre project managers to keep to the 3:30pm agreement.