Paula Byrne one of the participating authors at the forthcoming Gibraltar Gibunco International Literary Festival will be hosting a separate, free event on the management of stress and other mental health issues.

Byrne, who heads a charitable organisation in Britain called Relit dedicated to the treatment of stress, anxiety and mental health issues through the reading of poetry, will be carrying out a healing session at the Charles Hunt Room in the Mackintosh Hall, on Thursday October 20 at 4pm.

On Friday she will be speaking about her successful biography on former President JF Kennedy’s sister Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy.

Byrne declared that the greater understanding and treatment of mental health problems is currently a burning issue in modern day societies.

Minister for Tourism Samantha Sacramento, welcomed the addition of another event dealing specifically with mental health issues.

We are very pleased that an established author like Paula Byrne has offered to carry out a session to assist stress sufferers in the management of their condition, during the Literary Festival.

Stress and other related mental health conditions are a common affliction and it is positive that we are having an event giving people practical advice and guidance on how to deal with the problem.