Fire fighters Aaron Aguilera, Kaylan Gonzalez, and Paul Tinkler have successfully completed the firefighter development program at the fire service college, in Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK.

During the eight weeks of this mentally and physically demanding course the new entrants have been continuously assessed on all aspects of fire service activities.

Practical and theoretical exams included core skills, ladder and hose drills, Breathing Apparatus and compartment fire behaviour training encompassing search and rescue techniques as well as recognising the signs and symptoms of developing fire events such as flashover or backdraft and mitigating the effects of these.

Additionally, they have been trained in road traffic collisions which involves the release of persons trapped in a crashed vehicle and subsequently applying medical assistance with the completion of a first person on scene module. They will now complete a two week diving course that will give these delegates the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to perform sub surface rescue within their acquired qualification’s scope.

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service wishes the new firefighters a safe and prosperous career with the Organisation.