Fabian Picardo left Gibraltar on Sunday to attend the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

On Sunday night the Chief Minister hosted the traditional Gibraltar Reception at which, in addition to the Chief Minister, the speakers included the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry MP, and Clare Moody MEP and Kevin Coyne of Unite the Union.

During the course of the conference Mr Picardo's team had arranged meetings with Members of both Houses of Parliament in the UK and of the European Parliament, and also with representatives of the Devolved Administrations. In particular, the Chief Minister met with Labour front bench spokespersons and with Labour Lords.

Mr Picardo was also able to meet with the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, to discuss how Brexit issues will affect them and the areas of common interest in that respect. He also met briefly with Mr Corbyn, the newly re-elected Leader of the Labour Party.

The Chief Minister discussed the security and defence of the Rock, and MoD jobs in Gibraltar, with the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Clive Lewis MP.

Yesterday evening the Chief Minister took part in a fringe debate alongside former Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn MP, on "Europe: Breaking Up is Hard to Do". The debate was jointly organised by the New Statesman and the Gibraltar Government.

Mr Picardo said: "I have been attending Labour Party conferences for ten years now and have always sensed strong support for Gibraltar. This year, however, I feel there is deeper affection for us than ever before and also deep rooted concern for what Brexit can mean for Gibraltar.

I have no doubt that this will be a sentiment manifesting itself across the political divide. In Liverpool I have been able to meet front bench representatives of the Labour Party in all relevant fields and to express to them our concerns in respect of the many facets that Brexit presents. They now understand what we are facing a little better and all are keen to help.

All are shocked at the belligerence of Snr Margallo and the current, caretaker, Spanish administration. There is no doubt we have built strong support in the Labour Party and my own party's work in past years is coming in useful now that we need support."

The Chief Minister at the Gibraltar stand

Fabian Picardo visits the European Movement UK stand

The Chief Minister visits the Falkland Islands stand