The Chief Minister met on Monday with MoD representatives of Unite the Union on issues relating to the recent announcement of voluntary redundancies.


The meeting was held at Unite's request in order for members briefly to update the Chief Minister on information being provided to the Unions and its members by the Ministry of Defence.


Mr Picardo said: "As usual, I very much welcomed the opportunity to hear first-hand about the issues facing Locally Employed Civilians working in the Ministry of Defence. They have long been the backbone of the United Kingdom's ability to operate a base from Gibraltar which has both strategic and tactical value well beyond the low cost involved. Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is entirely on the side of MoD LECs in wanting to ensure that there are no compulsory redundancies in the context of the move from one operating model to another and that the operating model works.

We will work with Unite, as I already pledged to do from New York last week, to ensure that the process which the MoD is commencing is one which is respectful of the rights of workers and which is respectful of the long and distinguished service which so many have given in the course of the defence of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. In that context, I certainly think that the MoD was right to delay any announcement as a result of the Brexit referendum result and that they are wrong to now proceed without further considering more carefully what effect Brexit could have on Gibraltar or indeed on the UK’s own long term strategic requirements going forward. We will continue to work with Unite and MoD employees so that we can together ensure that we protect their jobs, their rights and the long term interests of Gibraltar. I will meet also with CBF and other MoD representatives in coming weeks."